We are still living in the age of slavery. The slavery of this age has a peculiar quality to it which is invisible yet very powerful. This is a dangerous form of slavery where the slave himself fails to acknowledge that he is a slave, therefore it is one of the most difficult forms of slavery to come out of.

When shackles grip the depth of mind instead of one's physical body, the master decides for the slave how much to think and what to think. This slavery immediately turns humans into animals. The mind is what makes the one different from other sentient beings, and when it is enslaved, the individual is dead.

Let us look at the state of this kind of slavery in India. Without doubt, India is a country where there are maximum number of religions coexisting. Devotional practices, devotional songs (bhajan - kirtan), discourses by religious gurus and discussions on righteousness is the way of life here. But, at the same time, lie and dishonesty too are very much a part of life here. India probably would be the country where most lies are being spoken. It would be the only country in the world where their own past, their own history and their own forefathers are hugely neglected. The place has a hopeless air of abandonment. It is interesting to note that the place which used to be the guiding light of knowledge and intellect for the entire world has reached this state of slavery. Also, it is worth noting that the growth of slavery has increased for good after independence. Irony dies a painful death everyday here.

What is the cause?

Like body, the mind also needs its food - faith and trust - to thrive. When mind loses its source of nourishment, it starts crumbling and in order to survive, accepts slavery. When the mass of a country loses faith towards their own way of life and lose their trust on the knowledge and path imparted by their forefathers, their mind inherently becomes void, hungry and end up losing its sustenance. When the supply is lost, the mind looks up to the body to help survive. It looks for nourishment from the same source as the body.

'To clearly state, a hungry mind looks to gather its food from the same source from where the body is deriving its own.'

This can also be seen in the case of Stockholm Syndrome where a captive is being fed and his/her body is taken care of (made to feel safe). Later their mind starts to derive its food (trust and faith) from the captor. This can be seen in the context of the invasions and captivity that India went through. It is not surprising to find groups of people in India affected by collective Stockholm Syndrome where they relate with and defend their captors.

India has faced brutal invasions and assaults for more than thousand years, first from Islamic invaders and then Christians (European), but there is a fundamental difference between both these attacks. Islamic intruders attacked and destroyed physical symbols, monuments and bodies whereas European invaders targeted traditions, learning centers and knowledge. Europeans aimed to replace our traditions, schools, language and knowledge with their system in order to subjugate the masses. They were successful to the level of making slaves out of our leaders. It is no coincidence that leaders, educated in English tradition, were transferred the power when British left the country.

Even after their physical departure they still control the traditions and learning other than holding educated Indians as their intellectual slaves.
Slaves have no life of their own because they are not entitled to freedom, desires and customs. Slaves are similar to animals performing on the cue of the ring master of a circus.
This is the state of almost all educated Indians.

No discipline of education is untouched by this intellectual slavery. Even in disciplines where liberty to think is fundamental such as science and math, slavery of mind is rampant. Even our constitution could not escape the vestige of the Intellectual slavery. Constitution reflects the culture and tradition of a country. American constitution is in accordance with their culture and tradition; Japanese constitution is in accordance with theirs, but can we say the same thing for Indian constitution?

Educated people of country publicly shame their own forefathers and traditions. Is there any other country in the world where a citizen dares to call their own ancestors as fools?
People concerned with exploitation happening in the past, during the times of our ancestors, should be well aware that it hasn't stopped. For all the sentimental readers, it is important that they make distinction between issues of exploitation and system of manipulation. Exploitation of weak is an unfortunate human phenomenon which happens in almost all societies at all times. We cannot take solace in denying that it happened within our society too. Neither should we compare exploitation of the weak in our society with any other, since each instance of exploitation is a world in itself. Each incident of exploitation must be corrected and dealt with.

The point here is the manufactured hatred towards our ancestors! Painting the whole society as black and projecting the invaders and captors as white. The whole society as a victim and the looters and murderers as saviors. The distinction must be made before reading on.

Yes, our forefathers' society was not a utopian society but without any doubt it was the most affluent one and knowledgeable with such exquisite culture, cuisine and art forms that attracted the invaders to subjugate it. It was not a perfect society but it was based on the ideals of perfection. Even after thousand years of plunder the society managed to survive but unfortunately, it does not thrive anymore. Science marvels produced in that society still amazes modern scientists. The rust-less iron pillar next to plunder-symbol Qutub Minar still has no explanation from the scientists. The Kailasa Temple in Ellora, Maharashtra, which the invaders tried to demolish by employing thousand labors for three years failed to do so, still reminds us of the genius of our forefathers.

Kailasa Temple

So, the question arises why this hatred, why the denial to look at truth which is right in front of our faces? Isn't this slavery? Let us analyze whether it is slavery or plain helplessness?
It is obvious to understand the cause for this slavery, but is extremely difficult to find a solution. The group claiming the reason for continued slavery being our education system, particularly Macaulay's, designed to produce Indians who look like Indians but behave and think like English.

Their proposed solution would be to change the education system, but they fail to mention with what should we change the system. Do we have an alternative education system? Even if we find some scraps and pieces of relevant knowledge to impart to our children, the question is can they survive in the world with that? Can a student manage his daily bread by having a profound knowledge of Panini Bhashyama?

Well, the whole country is divided into two kinds of people — those who are slaves and others who are are helpless and waiting to become slaves. Intellectual slavery not only infiltrates the mind but it creeps into one's lifestyle. A slave gradually starts following its master's way. Once the mind is captured, it loses the power of discrimination and starts trusting whatever its masters believes in, without realizing or giving it a thought whether it is useful for them or not.

If one considers, the issue of intellectual slavery, we will notice that it is not only in India but has spread across the world. It is not a surprising trend since India was and is expected to be the resistance to any kind of intellectual slavery. When the stewards of intelligence are subjugated, it is only a matter of time when the whole world will be under its grip.

India, the land of Vedas (which contains all the knowledge) is under intellectual slavery and their seems no respite in its growth.

What is the solution?

Solution for intellectual slavery is intellectual independence. This is not just a play of words, but a real possibility. Intellectual independence is what India preserved and practiced for millennia.

Currently, Indian politics is hovering around Hindu rights and Hindutva. The persecution against Hindus for thousand years is what people are waking up to. But soul of this part of the world was not limited to a religion but it is much deeper and complex than that.  The soul always has been intellectually independence — the sort of independence which empowers a human being to "seek". Essentially every "seeker" is a Bhartiya (or Hindu or Sanatan Dharmi) by soul. Also, every seeker is fundamentally a practicing scientist and vice-versa.

Unfortunately, science too is not left untouched by the attack of intellectual slavery. A dull mind practicing science turns it into a dogma which is rampant today. This slavery creates a class of people who bow down to the 'Church of Science'. These are slaves which are hard to deal with, since they sincerely believe that they are true scientists just because they follow the Church of Science. They can be compared to religious fanatics who in order to assert their true God can resort to godless methods. The followers of 'Church of Science' exhibit similar behaviors at par with fanatics. Check the following video where the HoD of a reputed science and tech college of India is exhibiting this behavior.  

Church of Science is similar. When it says that Cholesterol is bad, then it is bad. If it says sugar, fat, wine are bad, then believing anything to the contrary is an invitation to ridicule. When it reverses its stand, one is expected to just submit to that.

When commerce sponsors research and labels food as it suits itself, slaves, by any mean, have to accept it as the truth. Any theory or conception is to be respected only when it is ‘established’ via specific methodology and self certification, like the emission results of Volkswagen. If you do not know about Volkswagen emissions scandal kindly follow the link and read. But Church of Science also has the power to make exceptions, for example, Data Science is considered science because it is helping the business to grow and commerce to further succeed, in which case — brush aside scientific methodology!

We understand that the solution is intellectual independence like it always had been. India has had several systems and approaches of inquiry into the nature of consciousness (chitta) and matter (jada). None was held superior to the others by any institution, State or Religious. But, the question still remains — how to practice it? What are the signs that we are indeed independent?

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